Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders come in many forms that require individualized treatment. Our eating disorder treatment and therapy team understands that every patient has different needs and creates care plans tailored to each individual’s symptoms. If you think you have one of these conditions, CBH can help.

What Are Eating Disorders?

Individuals with eating disorders have abnormal eating habits and a preoccupation with body weight. The eating disturbances caused by one of these conditions depends on the nature of the disease disorder. At CBH, we specialize in treating eating disorders such as:

  • Anorexia nervosa: Anorexia’s primary symptoms include weight loss, restricted food intake and negative body image. The official DSM-5 diagnosis requires the patient to have low body weight, but individuals who are overweight can have atypical anorexia. No matter your weight, anorexia is a serious disorder that requires help from a professional.
  • Bulimia nervosa: Individuals with bulimia engage in a cycle of binge eating and behaviors meant to prevent weight gain from the eating. These actions include induced vomiting, misused medications, fasting and excessive exercise.
  • Binge eating disorder: When someone has binge eating disorder, they have binge eating episodes without the behaviors associated with bulimia. They often feel a loss of control during these periods and a sense of shame afterward.

Now that we have more information about these diseases than in the past, we can also diagnose a range of less common eating disorders. If you identify with some of the symptoms mentioned here, you may have a related condition.

How Do Eating Disorders Impact a Person’s Life?

Eating disorders come with a wide range of mental and physical risks. The behaviors associated with these conditions take a toll on the mind and body. A lack of nutrients creates digestive, hormonal and immune issues. In severe cases, the patient becomes malnourished enough for it to be life-threatening. Individuals with eating disorders also face the emotional toll of low self-esteem and negative body image.

What Does CBH Do to Help Individuals With Eating Disorders?

At CBH, we assist patients with eating disorders by:

  • Providing therapy: The types of therapy for eating disorders include family-based therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. These treatments aim to help you develop healthy thought patterns and eating behaviors.
  • Addressing other behavioral health conditions: Many individuals with eating disorders experience additional mental health issues like anxiety and depression. In some cases, the treatment for eating disorders requires treating a related condition.

Telepsychiatry Services Available for Remote Patients

Do you live in a remote area or consider yourself homebound? If so, we can bring our compassionate care to your home, as our telepsychiatry team can provide therapy and treatment for eating disorders over the internet. Get in touch with our office to learn if you qualify for telemedicine from CBH.

Reach out to Our Compassionate Team

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